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Wedding dress cleaning

We also now clean bridesmaids dresses, christening gowns & prom dresses

Your wedding dress is precious and probably the most expensive dress you will own. We give each dress our close personal attention throughout the cleaning process from receipt of the dress, examination, stain removal, steaming and boxing if required.

Our highly trained staff will thoroughly examine your dress for stains and other potential problems. The cleaning method we use will depend on your individual dress.

We clean fabrics that are embellished with beads, crystals or sequins and all fabrics including silk. Once cleaned we can return your dress in its original wedding dress cover that will have been supplied when you purchased the dress.

If you intend storing the dress we can package them in a specialist Wedding Dress storage box. Our boxes help preserve your dress for the future. All dresses will be wrapped in a special acid free tissue paper to provide the best environment for long term storage.

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding dress cleaning FAQ

Q. Why have your wedding dress cleaned before storage?
A. Any untreated stain, if not removed, will become set in the fabric after just a short time and can cause permanent marking.

Some stains that cannot be seen e.g. liquid stains, can darken over time and become very difficult if not impossible to remove.

Q. Can all stains be removed?
A. A Wedding Dress requires specialist treatment. What treatment is used will depend on the dresses material and any embellishments it may have.

What we can guarantee is that we will achieve the best possible results when removing stains.

Q. What are the main risks when storing my dress?
A. If you store your dress in polythene it may result, over time, in your dress showing mildew marks or oxidisation marks.

These marks are caused by temperature changes causing moisture in the air condensating then leaving damp patches on your dress.

Fading of your dress can occur when it is exposed to light over time and dust collected on your dress may cause damage to the material.

We recommend using a specialist storage box. These boxes eliminate all the above problems as they are made from ph neutral materials and your dress is wrapped in acid free tissue paper in the storage box.

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